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About us

About Us

KANGAL MèX  has great admiration and respect for the Turkish Kangal breed specimens (Sivas Kangal Çoban Köpeği).  Our main objective is the preservation of the essential characteristics of the breed, always seeking the highest quality, as they are rare and unusual specimens, and is one of the few breeds not yet recognized by the FCI and on of the most sought after in the past decade.

A lot of KANGAL MèX specimens come directly from Turkey, from the ancient working villas, where the environment is extremely hostile and herds and villagers are at the mercy of wild animals, mostly wolf packs.  This makes our specimens even more valuable and sought as they have the special characteristics of the breed: agility, hardiness and strength.

Some our dogs are the old type (old type Kangal), from the best lineages and bloodlines which were champions at various festivals in Turkey (Ankara and Sivas), and also highly sought after by connoisseurs as they are specimens of great character and strength.  Our specimens have appeared in magazines in the United States and Mexico.

The breed is still almost impossible to get directly in Turkey, as it represents a national symbol, and as such they are strictly protected by their government.

Prior to the acquisition of a specimen a test is applied to determine the whereabouts of the pups.

KANGAL MèX performs sales directly, we do not have intermediaries in the country or abroad.

In KANGAL MèX  we are aware that poverty and social exclusion of our children is one of the problems facing our society and leading to a responsibility of public awareness making us consistent with decisions and actions in favor of raising the quality of our children.  Solidarity is one of the values that we must potentiate, aiming for a more sustainable and responsible way of life.  That is why  KANGAL MèX donates in kind from the sale of each Kangal specimen, helping institutions and/or shelters in favor of improving the quality of life of children in Mexico.

Also, a portion of that percentage is also given to support the serious and committed practice of any sport modality, either individually or collectively.

"With great pride we inform you that we are the first to purchase and enter Sivas Kangal in our country"