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Sponsorship and Support.

Sponsorship and Support.

 KANGAL MèX y FUERZA AÉREA 13are in favor of those promoting and developing the sport in Mexico and the world. 


In  KANGAL MèX  we strongly believe that children are the future of our society and that is why we are committed to children, sports and animals, KANGAL MèX allocates a percentage of the sale of each specimen to make it reach in kind to shelters and/or foundations on behalf of children, sports and animal protection.




 Fuerza Áerea 13 is a fitness training center, where specialties include TRX and aerial dance on fabrics, but we also offer additional classes to your best physical development.

The aerial dance covers various techniques using gravity and dancing in the air.  There is the aerial hoop, dance with ropes, acrobatic fabric and vertical dance.

Acrobatic dance or ballet is the dance that combines classical and contemporary technique with acrobatics, such that the position will be dictated by the classical ballet in order for the figures that are created in the air, with the fabric, are aesthetic and involve elasticity, while stronger movements and contractions of contemporary dance may be introduced.  The acrobatics include the moorages and drops which introduce gravity and extreme factors.  The fabric plays a very important role because it is the element that will allow the dancer to hold, fall, tie and create striking figures, where the body is fused with it.

 The TRX training is a training method in which we give a modern option for exercising based on body weight, with the best techniques and exercises that have been modified and improved for your care, safety and health.



It will allow you to work on strength, endurance, coordination and strength, which is necessary for any athletic activity and physical training.

 2K KANGAL MèX, is in favor of promoting and developing the sport in Mexico and the world.

Support to Eric A. Rodríguez Gual who participated to support the Casa Hogar COCONE in the Banamex Veracruz Triathlon, Boca del Rio 2012.

Sponsors of fast soccer team SIVASSPOR in the State of Mexico, Mexico.